Why Shouldn’t We Pierce a Baby’s Ears?

Being a parent is the dream of many people . Many live in the expectation of following the “perfect cycle”, as they call it. To be born, grow up, have children and die. Those are the steps. And when the child finally arrives in the world, it’s a party and a mix of unique feelings. At that time, parents usually follow some traditions that came from the past, especially first-timers. Among the oldest customs is piercing the baby’s ears, when we realize it’s a girl. However, this practice, no matter how old, is not recommended at all.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents need to wait at least six months before their children do so. These days, this advice is often debated by parents and there’s no denying that there are some downsides to piercing your baby’s ears. Thinking about it, we decided to bring this matter and the reasons why we shouldn’t do this. Check with us below and share with your friends.

Can hurt the baby

Drilling a hole like that hurts, regardless of age, but there’s more to it than that. When we pierce a baby’s ears , they are usually quite red and quite sensitive. Make sure the earring is not touched. But babies are quite unpredictable and may try to touch and even pull the earring, which can be quite dangerous.

Taking away the future choice

Parents usually decide whether or not to pierce the baby’s ears and there is a risk that the child will grow up and not like this idea at all. Piercing ears hurts anyway, so perhaps it’s a better choice to let the child decide for themselves when they get a little older and be able to take care of their piercings on their own.

It’s permanent

Although the piercing doesn’t always last forever, a pierced ear as a baby often leaves a scar, becoming a small permanent hole. This can be a problem if the child grows up and decides he or she no longer wants that or the brand itself.

Risk of infection

While parents have all concerns in mind and professionals carry out this job with all the care in the world, there are some risks. That’s because children’s piercings always have a considerably higher risk of developing an infection. There is a way this can be avoided: taking care of it properly and full time. Pain, discharge, and swelling can appear if the ear is not cleaned properly, as experts indicate. This can further lead to keloid formation. Professionals who perform this type of service advise not to remove, under any circumstances, the baby’s piercing for at least 6 weeks after having done it. In fact, it’s not a common task.

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