Chinese Praying Joss and Lamp Make Excellent Wedding Favors

Chinese Praying Joss and Lamp Make
Excellent Wedding Favors
Chinese praying mittens are also known as Chinese prayer paper mittens. In addition to their
purpose as Chinese prayer mittens 龙香, they are used as Chinese prayer rugs too. Joss sticks and
prayer rugs are some of the most popular prayer materials in China. Joss sticks and prayer rugs
can be bought either at local markets or online from a number of websites in China.
Chinese praying mittens or Chinese prayer rugs are commonly used in Chinese religious
ceremonies. In most Chinese religions, aside from just the regular burning of candles, joss
candles are also used. Joss candles are basically small tea lights encased in wicks. These
wicks are then lit during Chinese prayers or for other religious purposes like lighting altars or
serving as lanterns for outdoor occasions. Joss candle candles play a very important role in
Chinese religion because aside from offering light during religious ceremonies, they also
represent the spirits of the dead and holy ancestors.

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There are different types of joss candles. There are the “tealight candles” and the “traditional
Chinese joss candle”. They are usually sold in Chinese markets. During traditional Chinese
religious ceremonies, praying candles would be lit either by a flame from a tea light stick or a
Nowadays, Chinese candle makers have developed better ways of making Chinese joss
candles. With the advancement of technology, candles made from high quality ingredients have
been widely available. You can find candles that are made from special fragrances, soy wax or
paraffin and colored just candles with beautiful colors. If you are looking for the best quality joss
candles, then these Chinese candles with fragrances are the best choice:
The best Chinese joss candles are usually soy based. Soy wax is considered as the best base
because it has the right combination of fragrance, color and stability for a long burning time.
Fragrances can come from herbs, flowers, citrus fruits, pine cones, oaks or fruits themselves.
Oaks are said to have a soothing effect on people while pine cones and citrus fruits are used for
medicinal purposes.
If you are interested in buying Chinese candles in Chinese market, the best place to purchase
are online stores. Most online stores nowadays offer high quality Chinese candles that include
soy wax, fragrance, natural oil tealight and oil taper. When shopping for Chinese character
candles online, you can find beautiful images of praying hands and dragonflies incorporated in
the design. Some sites also allow you to customize your order, so you can request for additional
designs and they will help you make a unique candle design based on your personal preference.

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Chinese characters, more than anything, are symbols of love, luck, peace, prosperity, health,
prosperity and wisdom. Hence, it is fitting that the materials used to make a Chinese praying
does also show respect for Chinese religion and cultural beliefs. They are often seen combined
together in the design of Chinese lanterns – a very common item that is often seen during
weddings and New Year’s Eve. Aside from that, many Chinese candles also feature a small
lantern and the word “Mahjong” printed on it.
Another characteristic of Chinese character candles and Chinese lanterns is that they are often

seen with a large lantern attached to them. As Chinese believe in the blessing of nature spirits, it
is not uncommon to see Chinese characters printed on the front of the lantern. To conclude,
Chinese praying josses and Chinese lamps are very significant in many aspects – both spiritually
and aesthetically. It is therefore fitting that you use them to celebrate all the wonderful things in
your life.

Why Shouldn’t We Pierce a Baby’s Ears?

Being a parent is the dream of many people . Many live in the expectation of following the “perfect cycle”, as they call it. To be born, grow up, have children and die. Those are the steps. And when the child finally arrives in the world, it’s a party and a mix of unique feelings. At that time, parents usually follow some traditions that came from the past, especially first-timers. Among the oldest customs is piercing the baby’s ears, when we realize it’s a girl. However, this practice, no matter how old, is not recommended at all.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents need to wait at least six months before their children do so. These days, this advice is often debated by parents and there’s no denying that there are some downsides to piercing your baby’s ears. Thinking about it, we decided to bring this matter and the reasons why we shouldn’t do this. Check with us below and share with your friends.

Can hurt the baby

Drilling a hole like that hurts, regardless of age, but there’s more to it than that. When we pierce a baby’s ears , they are usually quite red and quite sensitive. Make sure the earring is not touched. But babies are quite unpredictable and may try to touch and even pull the earring, which can be quite dangerous.

Taking away the future choice

Parents usually decide whether or not to pierce the baby’s ears and there is a risk that the child will grow up and not like this idea at all. Piercing ears hurts anyway, so perhaps it’s a better choice to let the child decide for themselves when they get a little older and be able to take care of their piercings on their own.

It’s permanent

Although the piercing doesn’t always last forever, a pierced ear as a baby often leaves a scar, becoming a small permanent hole. This can be a problem if the child grows up and decides he or she no longer wants that or the brand itself.

Risk of infection

While parents have all concerns in mind and professionals carry out this job with all the care in the world, there are some risks. That’s because children’s piercings always have a considerably higher risk of developing an infection. There is a way this can be avoided: taking care of it properly and full time. Pain, discharge, and swelling can appear if the ear is not cleaned properly, as experts indicate. This can further lead to keloid formation. Professionals who perform this type of service advise not to remove, under any circumstances, the baby’s piercing for at least 6 weeks after having done it. In fact, it’s not a common task.

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Discover The Story Of The Couple Who Reforested A Desert

A retired elderly couple is constantly fighting against the desertification of the land they inhabit. As a report published by the Odditycentral news portal revealed, the couple who have been planting drought-resistant tree seedlings in the Autonomous Region of Mongolia, in the interior of northern China for 19 years, managed to reforest hundreds of hectares.

Tububatu, who is now 70, and his wife, Taoshengchagan, live in a village near Badain Jaran, China’s third-largest desert. Since 2002, the year they retired, both spend their days fighting desertification. Today, after years of battle, it is possible to see life in a place that, for many, is considered inhospitable.

Other local residents tried to pick up the same habits the couple enjoy today, but unfortunately they failed. Even having followed the defeat of the residents who tried to give a little life to the arid environment, Tububatu never gave up, because he knew he was capable of making a difference.

Life in the middle of the desert

Tububatu began to reforest the surrounding environment by planting only 50 tree seedlings . Over time, he realized that it was necessary to double the amount to bring about a more significant change.

With faith in himself, determination and with the help of his wife, Tububatu continued with the heavy – but pleasant – routine. The fruit of your effort is seen from afar. There, where there was only sand, small dry bushes and rocks, is now a small oasis, which stretches over 266 hectares, filled with tens of thousands of trees that are highly resistant to drought.

All the change took place thanks to the pensions they receive from the Chinese government. What used to be a small wooded area is now a forest that continues to expand daily.

Although there is predominantly the presence of species mainly resistant to drought, such as sacsaoul (Haloxylon) and desert cistanche trees, Tububatu and Taoshengchagan make sure to water them daily, thus ensuring that the plants continue to thrive.

The couple’s fight

The couple are one of the few residents who have not migrated to the nearest village, which is almost 100 kilometers from the nearest town. Both live alone, without their children, who have moved with their parents’ blessing to a place, let’s say, more hospitable.

Residents who stayed behind, and who, oddly enough, failed to reforest the area, rather than help, made efforts to ridicule the couple’s efforts. Because they were victims of failure, the residents, in addition to defaming the efforts of Tububatu and Taoshengchagan, made a point of just watching them both try to fulfill the difficult mission.

Supporting daily untold hardships, the couple, as we said at the beginning of matter, succeeded, in 19 years, reforest more than 266 hectares without life . Tububatu and Taoshengchagan revealed to Odditycentral news portal that they have no plans to stop anytime soon.

In addition to bringing an inhospitable environment to life, the couple now enjoy the benefits of cistanche, a popular medicinal plant whose kilograms sell for up to 100 yuan (US$15.5). According to China Daily, Tububatu and his wife have planted more than 70,000 trees. Also according to China Daile, the couple, in the endeavor, has already spent more than 1 million yuan (US$ 154,000).

The hard battle against the ariad environment, unfortunately, did not only bring benefits. The couple, due to their efforts, today have to deal with serious health problems. Anyway, Tububatu and Taoshengchagan feel fulfilled. And the attitude of both earned several awards. The couple, moreover, is an inspiration to environmentalists around the world.